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The angle iron shelving is made of a strong steel structure, which will not rust, chip, warp, or crack. This type of shelf is very suitable for commercial and industrial applications, thanks to its durable gray paint finish, which can withstand the harshest working environments.

The angle post shelving is an economical storage solution. Provide brackets, gussets, or panels. These two different types of columns can be cut and bolted into various shapes (workbenches, shelves, tables, etc.). It is most suitable for use in homes or small offices.

All angle iron shelves are pre-designed and can be constructed quickly and economically. Anyone can carry out construction without any special tools or skills. This type of shelving system is 100% reusable because it does not require any painting, drilling, or welding. Slotted corner shelves are compatible with other leading brands and models, and can be easily designed and manufactured to fit any specifications.

Advantages of Angle Post Iron Shelving

Pre-designed for fast, economical, do-it-yourself construction

No special tools or skills required

Design and build anything according to your specifications

Reusable without painting, drilling, or welding

Angle iron shelves are ideal for a variety of industries and applications, including:

Warehouse application



Storage room

Tool bed

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