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The design principle of the drive through pallet racking is to connect several rows of traditional racks without using dedicated channels. Its configuration can be two sets of back-to-back drives or a set of drives against the wall. The same passage is used for the forklift’s access.

In the storage process, the internal storage is first, and then the external storage is in order. When transporting, first take it out of the external cargo, and then take it out from the inside one by one. The storage density is very good. It is a first-in-last-out storage system. Suitable for regular batch operations and high-frequency material storage and transfer warehouse products.

Characteristics of Drive Through Pallet Racking

1. On the support rails, the pallets are stored one after another in the depth direction, which makes high-density storage possible.

2. Goods can be put in and taken out from the same side of the shelf storage rack. The counterweight and the forward-moving forklift can be easily pushed into the middle of the storage rack to access the goods without occupying multiple aisles.

3. The drive through pallet racking is suitable for storing a large number of commodities with few varieties.

4. The complete plug-in assembly structure of the drive through pallet racking, the column is an assembly structure, the total depth of the storage rack in the wall shelf can be designed to be within 7 pallet depths, and the total depth is accessible on both sides of the middle area The storage racks are usually within 9 pallets in depth to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift entry.

5. The drive through pallet racking is widely used in various warehouses and logistics centers.

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