Industrial Steel Boltless Storage Rack

The boltless storage rack is an ideal heavy-duty storage rack solution for industrial, wholesale, or retail applications. Boltless steel racks are often referred to as boltless storage racks and can be easily assembled and reconfigured without any hardware, nuts, or bolts.

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Industrial steel boltless storage racks are connected together by rivets. This boltless steel rack can be installed in any length, width, and height. This type of storage rack has a beautiful appearance, fast speed, convenient disassembly and assembly, and no special tools are required. The height can be adjusted at the center of 38.1mm. Shelf storage racks can be equipped with steel shelves, wooden shelves, or metal wire mesh decks.

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Boltless racking is durable, easy to configure, and versatile, making it an excellent warehouse racking solution for any facility. Choose from standard or heavy-duty storage racking options in various sizes to meet your boltless racking needs in stores, stores, garages, or warehouses.


Advantages of Boltless Storage Rack

  • Easy to assemble and reconfigure
  • No hardware required!
  • Various sizes and shelf capacities are available
  • Rivet shelves adjustable in 1.5″ increments
  • Customizable for your facility

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Design of Boltless Storage Rack

Each boltless storage rack is made of solid steel and offers a variety of sizes and configurations to choose from. There are two deck options for your boltless storage rack. Our standard unit includes ⅝ inch particle board, but it can be upgraded to wire decking. The wire decking option allows for better circulation and allows dust and debris to fall into it to simplify the cleaning process. In addition, the wire deck provides more exposure to overhead sprinklers in the event of a fire.

Easy to assemble

Choose from a complete set of steel boltless storage rack kits, or choose the components you need to build your own industrial boltless storage racks. Our steel boltless storage rack system has racks that can be adjusted in 1.5-inch increments and can be easily customized to suit your product or tool. Whether in a garage, shop, or hardware store, boltless storage racks are the perfect combination of powerful support and customization for storing your goods.

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