Details of industrial storage rack customization that are easy to ignore

The function of industrial storage racks is to facilitate the storage, management, and retrieval of enterprise products. With storage racks, it can be said that the waste of manpower is saved very effectively. Industrial storage racks are already indispensable equipment in warehouse storage. So what characteristics should the purchaser pay attention to when buying a storage rack?


First of all, the purchaser must understand the types of shelves and the corresponding storage characteristics. Only after understanding the corresponding characteristics of the storage racks, can they choose the most suitable industrial storage racks according to the products. Many corporate purchasers do not know what kind of storage rack to choose, which ultimately causes excess economic expenditure.

For example, a medium-duty longspan shelving is more suitable for storing some not very heavy-duty items, and its height is generally no more than 3 meters, which is suitable for direct manual storage. At the same time, the load-bearing capacity of this storage rack is not as good as that of a heavy-duty shelf storage rack. It is recommended to use this industrial storage rack if you are just storing some light duty and small objects.

Choose according to the diversity of the company’s products. The right storage rack can make the warehouse more effective when managing it. This is one of the reasons why many companies value the industrial storage rack very much. Therefore, the selection should also be based on the actual situation of the rack warehouse, such as the weight of the product materials, the number of types, whether forklifts, warehouse storage, and a series of information are needed for storage and retrieval.

Post time: Dec-15-2021