Guide Of Drive in Racking Usage

For the operation of warehouse, one of the most effective ways to improve warehouse management is to improve the work management method of the warehouse, and the other is to find ways to increase the storage capacity of the warehouse. Drive-in rack can effectively increase the amount of store goods in the warehouse, also cost-effective.


When choosing to buy racking, purchaser often have several considerations. One of is whether this racking is suitable for its own warehouse, whether it can effectively improve the efficiency of warehouse operations at this stage.

Drive-in rack is transformed on the basis of the selective pallet racking, so the price is not much different from pallet racks. The biggest difference between drive-in rack and selective pallet racking is the working mode, drive-in racking need to be used with dedicated forklifts. This type of forklift is narrow, so it can enter the racking for access to pick the goods.

Therefore, drive-in rack can eliminate the need for the forklift lane space to further improve the drive-in rack usage. In terms of the composition of the racking, in order to ensure that the forklift can safely enter and exit the racking, the height of the first floor of the shelf will be slightly higher than the height of the forklift, which is also a characteristic of the drive-in rack.

Post time: Jan-19-2020