How Does The Mezzanine Floor Racking Improve Warehouse Utilization?

The warehouse racking is a very core part of the warehouse operation with an important role of the entire warehouse. As a multi-layere mezzanine floor racking, the mezzanine floor can use space more efficiently in storage. What are the advantages of the mezzanine floor in improving the utilization of warehouse area?


When it comes to space utilization of mezzanine floor shelves, we must first understand what the composition structure of this racking is and what is different from other storage racking systems.

In terms of the composition structure, the mezzanine floor racking can be divided into the main body of the bottom shelf and the upper part of the top mezzanine. The main body of the bottom shelf is a very important part to support the entire mezzanine. Stability, choosing high-quality materials can effectively improve the safety of mezzanine floor shelves.

The mezzanine floor racking can also be used to store some goods, but because it is an mezzanine, the load bearing capacity will be relatively poor, so it can only be used to store some light duty cargos. In general, the storage of goods above the mezzanine floor is also handled by manual handling mode, or some light transportation vehicles can be appropriately used to assist workers, but for safety reasons, we must ensure that the weight of the goods above the mezzanine floor does not exceed Maximum load capacity.

Post time: Jan-13-2020