How to judge the quality of heavy duty pallet racking

How do we judge the quality of heavy duty pallet racking when we have ordered? As we all know, from the loading capacity per level can bear, the shelf storage racks can be divided into 3 kinds of racking systems, there are light duty storage shelving, medium duty storage shelving, heavy duty storage racking. And from the loading capacity aspect, heavy-duty storage racks are definitely the strongest, and they are also the most widely used in our daily life.

Therefore, it is also very important to learn the skill of choosing heavy-duty shelves, so how to judge the quality of heavy-duty shelves? We can judge from the following aspects as a starting point:

How to judge the quality of heavy duty pallet racking


1. From the structural aspect

Observe whether the cross-section of the upright is curved, deformed and whether the upright is deformed and symmetrical. The quality of the pallet rack beam depends on the hook structure and suspension form of the beam. Generally speaking, the more hooks on the beam, the better. Observe whether the connection between the hook and the beam is firm.


2. Materials the rack used

The production of storage racks usually uses cold-rolled steel, so we should ask the warehouse storage racking manufacturer whether to use imported cold-rolled steel. Of course, domestic cold-rolled steels, such as cold-rolled steel sheets produced by Baosteel, can also be accepted, but they must be Q235 steel or cold-rolled steel that meets EU FEM and relative standards.


3. Welding process

Check whether the storage rack welding is qualified. Nowadays, high-quality heavy-duty storage shelves have adopted a new silent and seamless welding technology. If you find obvious welding marks on heavy shelves, it is recommended not to buy.

Post time: Sep-28-2021