How to pick radio shuttle pallet racking?

According to the principle of operation, the shuttle rack is a semi-automatic equipment in the storage rack. The shuttle rack uses the shuttle trolley to intelligently shuttle under the goods to be picked up, and then transport him out. The shuttle rack is more efficient, safer and more stable, and the space utilization rate is higher, up to 80%. The shuttle trolley can realize the handling and storage of pallets of various specifications, which is recognized by more and more users.

The operation of the shuttle rack requires the use of pallets. The quality of the pallets can affect the shuttle racks. Therefore, when choosing the pallets of the shuttle racks, some issues must be considered.

Next, let’s introduce what needs to be considered when selecting the suitable pallets for shuttle racks?

1. The material of the card board, the card board can be divided into steel card board, wooden card board, plastic card board, etc. according to the material. The price of steel pallets is relatively high, and it is easy to rust and corrode, but it has a strong structure; wooden pallets are cheap and easy to repair, but they are not fire-proof, not moisture-proof, and run counter to the theme of environmental protection; plastic pallets have a long service life, And it can be recycled and reused, and it is more and more popular with users, but it has low strength, poor impact resistance, and its structure and size have great limitations. Shuttle racks mostly use plastic pallets and wooden pallets. The specific material to choose depends on the user’s own characteristics and needs. The suitable temperature environment for plastic pallets is -25°C to 40°C. If the temperature is too low, it will become brittle and hard. If the temperature is too high, it will become soft. Wooden pallets are not suitable for humid environments, otherwise they are easily damp and rot, and wooden pallets are not suitable for long-term storage, otherwise they are prone to insects and affect the quality of stored items.

2. The specifications of the card board. There is no uniform standard for pallet specifications. There are various pallet specifications produced by different manufacturers, and user purchases are more casual, which makes it more difficult to choose the type of shuttle rack. The shuttle trolley replaces the forklift to enter the shelf to perform operations, that is, the shuttle trolley transports and stores card board goods. Therefore, the requirements for the pallet specifications of the shuttle trolley are particularly important. Generally speaking, as long as the size of the pallet is smaller than the size of the shuttle trolley, the shuttle trolley can carry it. This requires the designer to make a complete plan for the larger pallet when planning and designing, as long as it meets the requirements of the large pallet. Board storage needs, the small card board storage problem is solved.

Post time: Mar-30-2021