Problems needing attention in selecting hardware warehouse metal storage racks

The metal storage rack is one of the essential pieces of equipment in modern warehouse management. In order to attract customers’ attention, some metal storage rack manufacturers often develop many new warehouse storage racks. In front of many types of storage racks, many customers do not know which type of warehouse storage rack they are suitable for. Let’s take a look at several factors that should be paid attention to when choosing hardware warehouse metal storage racks.


1. Material selection.

The material selection of metal storage racks in a hardware rack warehouse depends on the quality of storage racks, which is very important for people who purchase shelf storage racks. The quality of the storage rack can be identified from process treatment and welding density.

2. Forklift mode.

The forklift access mode of hardware warehouse metal storage racks is also an important factor, which should be selected according to the characteristics of its own warehouse and stored goods. There are usually three access modes: manual access, forklift access, and automatic access.

3. Warehouse load.

The bearing level of the warehouse is one of the very important factors. This value needs to be clear when selecting the metal storage rack of the hardware warehouse. If the load of the storage rack is greater than the value that the ground can bear, the ground may collapse.

4. Load limits.

Any kind of hardware warehouse metal storage rack has its own load limit, so when selecting the storage rack, it is necessary to ensure that the warehouse racking system can carry the stored goods, otherwise, the shelf storage rack may tilt.

Post time: Sep-03-2021