Safety knowledge of beam pallet rack

Now the warehouse rent is higher and higher, and all walks of life have higher and higher requirements for warehouse planning and warehouse space utilization. This situation has prompted the storage shelf industry to mushrooms. Often, the first factor for storage shelf manufacturers to talk to customers is space utilization and price cost-saving, so that they ignore the first factor of safety first and do not do a good job in the continuous training of storage rack safety communication and use and maintenance. Here are five key points for the use of beam pallet racks.


1. Anti overload

The storage racks designed by the beam pallet rack technicians have a bearing capacity, and the weight of the stored goods should not exceed this bearing capacity, otherwise accidents are easy to occur.


2. Over height and width prevention

When the beam pallet rack is installed, its floor height and floor width are fixed, and the size of the board and goods shall be slightly less than 100mm of the net space. If the stored goods change, they can be disassembled and assembled again.


3. Anti-collision

Anti-collision guardrails shall be set in the warehouse where the forklift and other handling equipment are stored and picked up, and the forklift shall be handled with care as much as possible during the operation of the forklift, so as to reduce the impact between the handling equipment and the beam pallet rack and reduce the damage rate.


4. Prevent top heavy goods

Follow the cargo storage rules to place light goods at the high level and heavy goods at the low level, that is, the principle of storage racks from top to bottom and from light to heavy, so as to maintain the overall balance between beam pallet racks and storage racks, which is safer and more stable.


5. Timely replace the damaged beams and columns

In practice, we found that the beams and columns of the shelf storage racks of the beam pallet racks are damaged very commonly. When damage is found, we should inform the shelf storage rack manufacturer to replace it in time without taking chances.

Post time: Aug-12-2021