Structural cantilever storage rack shelving

The cantilever rack is a special storage rack. The stored goods of cantilever storage rack are different from ordinary shelves. It is mainly suitable for storing various long materials, ring materials, plates, and irregular materials. The cantilever pipe rack is composed of columns, base, and cantilever rack arms. The cantilever is mounted on the column, and the arm is used to connect the column.

The cantilever arm can be single-sided or double-sided as the customer request and has the characteristics of light structure and good loading capacity. A single arm can bear a weight of up to 1000 kg. The specially reinforced column structure can withstand the pressure of 2000~3000kg. Combined structure, special profile column, and designed back bracing to increase stability, equipped with high-strength cantilever (arm can be single-sided or double-sided), lightweight structure, good loading capacity, and high space utilization.


What are the characteristics of cantilever rack shelves?

1. Cantilever rack shelving can be divided into the single sided cantilever rack and double sided cantilever rack, which can effectively store wood, pipes, strips, and other similar irregular products. The cantilever frame can be composed of a single column unit and a cantilever, and multiple-unit systems are continuously formed by horizontal bracing and diagonal bracing, which will be more stable.

2. Structural cantilever rack is an effective quality, safety, and easy management storage system. The column is composed of a post and a base. The column is welded by two specially designed C-shaped plates of steel. The structure makes full use of the loading capacity of the material and has the characteristics of large bearing capacity and low cost.

Below is a cantilever racking project from one of our clients in Malaysia, we based on the customer’s size request and loading capacity request to make the cantilever rack.

Post time: Sep-26-2021