The core role of storage shelves in logistics management

With the development and expansion of the scale of enterprises, the number of logistics shelves has increased significantly. With the increasing shortage of land resources, the rising pressure of warehouse rents and the rising impact of labor costs, more and more companies have higher and higher requirements for the utilization of warehouse space. As an important storage equipment, storage shelves are an indispensable part of modern enterprise warehouses and logistics. The acceleration of logistics speed has highlighted higher requirements, and the demand for the use of warehouse shelves is also rising. Driven by demand, the warehouse rack industry has achieved rapid development. However, due to the lack of industry standards, the warehouse rack industry is facing increasingly fierce market competition. For better development, shelf manufacturers have made continuous efforts in product development, production, management, application and innovation.

Storage shelves have been widely used in various industries such as textiles, tobacco, commerce, medical, mechanical and electrical, military, clothing, etc., and the demand is still growing steadily; in addition, the demand for warehouse shelves in new materials, food refrigeration, publishing and distribution industries has increased significantly. The shelf market has risen rapidly in the past two years. Taking distribution publishing as an example, some large distribution companies and bookstore groups have successively established large warehouse shelves and three-dimensional storage shelves, and many book publishing companies also plan to build logistics storage shelves and three-dimensional storage shelves.

Post time: Jul-28-2020