Types and characteristics of storage shelves

What are the types of storage shelves? The types of storage shelves include mezzanine floor shelves, medium-sized shelves, heavy-duty shelves, drive-in shelves, gravity flow shelves, cantilever shelves, etc. The storage rack has the characteristics of low cost, simple and convenient assembly and disassembly. It is suitable for manual storage and retrieval, and it is also suitable for forklift storage and retrieval of goods. It is suitable for many kinds of small quantities of goods, and small kinds of large quantities of goods. It is widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution and other fields.

But what are the characteristics of storage shelves?

Mezzanine floor racking systems are usually built on the existing (warehouse) site with a two-story fully assembled steel structure platform, which changes the use of space from one to two, so that the space is fully utilized. The goods are transported to the second floor by forklifts or cargo elevators, and then transported to the designated location by trolleys or hydraulic pallet trucks. This mezzanine floor racking is combined with a reinforced concrete platform, has fast construction, moderate cost, easy installation and disassembly, and easy use, with a novel and beautiful structure. The location of the mezzanine floor is adapted to local conditions and has various structures. It can be designed as a loft platform, and layered shelves are placed on the upper part of the platform (this design usually uses the existing old shelves to place the upper part). Another structure is to set up floor panels in the shelf aisle to divide the shelves into the required floors. The mezzanine floor racking are all made of special-purpose steel floor slabs, and the floor is self-contained, flat and stable. The mezzanine floor shelves are equipped with pedestrian stairs, and there are loading and unloading areas on the second floor and above. According to needs, mezzanine floor shelves with cargo slides or elevators can also be designed, suitable for small pieces, large batches, but mainly manual storage and transportation of materials, usually used in warehouses, distribution and logistics.

Medium-sized shelves are mainly composed of shelves, beams and laminates. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, the layer spacing is adjustable, and the laminates are steel laminates and wood laminates. Each row of shelves is reserved for the storage of items, which is suitable for the storage of small items, usually by manual access, and is supplemented by climbing carts and climbing ladders. Due to the size and size of the medium-sized racks, the load weight varies greatly, and can be divided into light-weight, medium-weight, and heavy-weight types according to the load weight of layers and rows. Laminate shelves generally have a width not greater than 1200mm, column spacing not greater than 3000mm, and shelf height not greater than 3000mm. According to the characteristics and requirements of the stored items, the layered shelf can be equipped with adjustable partitions, separating nets, sealing plates, sealing nets, etc., and can also be assembled into a cabinet shelf structure. The shelf racks can be equipped with three-way forklifts and stackers for manual storage and picking operations. Longspan shelves are widely used in electronics, light industry, culture and education, logistics and all walks of life.

Post time: Mar-26-2021