What are the differences between single-row and double-row racks

What are the differences between single-row racks, double-row racks, multi-row racks, and high rack warehouses:

1. The width of a single row of shelves should not exceed 1.8m, and the interval should not be less than 1.1m;

2. Double-row racks are single racks or two single-row racks placed back to back. The total width of the racks is 1.8m~3.6m, and the interval is not less than 1.1m;

3. Multi-row racks are single and double-row racks with a rack width exceeding 3.6m, or a single and double row rack with a spacing of less than 1.1m and a total width greater than 3.6m;

4. Movable shelves should be regarded as multi-row shelves.

5. High rack storage high rack storage (defined by building regulations) A rack warehouse with a rack height exceeding 7m and mechanized operation or automatic control.

6. The large headroom refers to the vertical distance from the indoor floor to the roof panel. When the roof is inclined, it should be the vertical distance from the indoor ground to the ridge.

7. Permeable laminate refers to the shelf laminate through which water or smoke can penetrate or pass, such as grid or grid type laminate.

Post time: Jul-27-2020