What changes do you have after using heavy duty storage racks?

The old warehouse storage method now seems to have a lot of inconveniences. For small companies, the rack warehouse area is small. When there are more goods coming into the rack warehouse, they need to be stacked anywhere in order to store as many goods as possible. Some commodities that are placed in corners throughout the year are easy to go moldy and moisture damage. After using heavy-duty warehouse storage racks, there will be obvious changes.


The rack warehouse will become brighter and more standardized. The goods can be placed on the storage racks neatly and separately, and the lower layer can be ventilated and not directly close to the ground to reduce the occurrence of moisture. The storage of goods will be better and the loss will be reduced. The storage capacity of the old warehouse is limited. Some goods are easily crushed after being stacked. If stacked too high, it is easy to accidentally fall, causing safety hazards. It is also difficult for warehouse staff to pick up the goods and usually requires several people to complete them. The use of heavy-duty storage racks can eliminate these problems without too much manpower, and the use of forklifts to complete the storage and retrieval of goods.

In addition, the warehouse racks are on several levels, the stability and carrying capacity of the storage racks are very good, and the goods will not collapse. Each level of cargo can be ventilated and moisture-proof, which greatly reduces the loss of cargo. The old traditional warehouse storage is difficult to accurately control inventory, because the storage is chaotic, and there are too many and miscellaneous goods in and out every day. If the rack warehouse will not be cleaned irregularly and the goods cannot be taken out before the specified goods can be counted, then many accumulated stocks will not be well counted. Inadvertently, it will also cause the loss of the goods in the company’s warehouse and may cause losses. After using heavy-duty storage racks, goods can be counted frequently, even every day. The number of goods of the same type can be easily calculated together. In this way, all goods can be better controlled and the loss of goods caused by not counting in time can be reduced.

Therefore, heavy-duty storage racks still play a very important role in warehouse storage. If you have any inquiries related to the drive-in pallet racking system, please feel free to contact Spieth Team, Spieth Racking Company is a professional manufacturer of various warehouse racking with several professional designers, and we can offer you the free design of the drive-in system to meet your need. Please feel free to contact the sales representative at spieth5@spiethstorage.com.

Post time: Aug-26-2021