What is the difference between storage racks and supermarket shelves?

In the eyes of many people, storage racks are just a kind of equipment used to store goods, but what they don’t know is that such a simple device has much knowledge. Storage racks have a lot of knowledge, and the same rush storage racks are very different from ordinary supermarket shelves. Let us analyze the differences between these two types of storage racks.

First of all, the easiest thing is to use different types of storage racks. Generally, large enterprises often choose heavy-duty storage racks in order to be able to store more products. Supermarket shelves are more focused on the aesthetics of the storage racks, so under normal circumstances, heavy duty storage racks are not used. In fact, there are many differences between enterprise storage racks and supermarket display storage racks


1. In terms of display and placement

The enterprise storage rack is more concerned about how to store more products and how to design when employees access the goods to be more convenient and improve efficiency. Supermarket shelves generally value display skills, and how to display them beautifully is the most important thing.

2. The structure is also different

In order to make the best use of the warehouse space, the storage racks of the enterprise usually determine the height of the storage racks according to the height of the warehouse, and there are often cases where the storage racks are relatively high. This is not the case for supermarket display storage racks, because most of the supermarket shelves are accessed manually, so the height generally does not exceed about 2 meters.

3. The load-bearing capacity of the storage racks is different

Enterprise storage racks need to store a large number of products, and the load-bearing capacity of the storage racks is very high. Supermarket display shelves generally don’t have a lot of things on display, and the weight is not large, so there is no high requirement for the load-bearing capacity of the storage racks.

Post time: Nov-18-2021