Warehouse Industrial Mezzanine Floor

The warehouse mezzanine floor refers to the part of the floor between the two main floors of a storage racking system. It is commonly found in large warehouse racking factories.

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Warehouse industrial mezzanine floor structures are excellent solutions to fully utilize existing overhead space and improve operational efficiencies. They can be provided with a variety of deckings and floor types, including wood, steel, and gratings. They also come with a variety of integrated components and accessories, including stairs, handrails, gates, lifts, and so on. Quality multi-level pallet rack steel mezzanine floor platform use for storage


Features of Mezzanine Floor

1. High-density storage style, especially for loosening or small box goods

2. Allows you to take full advantage of the air space you already have

3. Total bolted system without any welding

4. Medium-duty with a loading capacity of 50-500kg/layer and heavy-duty with a loading capacity of 500-2000kg/layer

5. Working with hoisting machine, pallet jack, store manually for small or loosening goods

6. Self-supporting structure without any support from building or civil structure

7. Ideal for multi-tier mezzanine floor


Primary Components of Mezzanine Floor


 Details of Mezzanine Floor


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