Warehouse Selective Pallet Rack

Warehouse selective pallet rack consists of a set of pallet rack upright frames connected in various ways by horizontal beams to provide storage for the palletized or non-palletized products depending on the rack configuration and beam supports used.You can add steel pallet or wire mesh decking to pallet rack beams to create a shelf for carton storage.

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Selective pallet rack is available in both structural steel and roll-formed. Selective pallet rack is a common type of rack system found in many types of storage environments such as warehouses and distribution centers. The selective pallet racking system is a less expensive option compared to other types of systems such as the gravity flow racking system and pushes back racking system.

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Features of Pallet Rack:

In the selective pallet racking system stored in pallets, this is the most versatile. Warehouse storage pallet racking system is also the most economical in terms of investment cost, it is also the easiest to install and adjust, it can adapt to a variety of different handling machinery.

Plug-in combination assembly structure, uniformly adjustable layer height, beam adjustment pitch 50 (or 75) mm, can be equipped with various types of forklifts and pallets, store various types of goods, is the most commonly used storage system design.

Selective pallet rack is simple, beautiful, easy to install, large load capacity, maximum load capacity of unit racks up to 5T, high safety factor, space-saving, and improved storage capacity. It is the most commonly used storage method in all walks of life.

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