Characteristics of components of medium duty shelves

In the process of storage shelf customization, the essence is to install and reorganize various components according to the actual needs of the customer, to obtain a shelf that meets the actual needs of the customer. So what are the characteristics of each part of the medium duty shelf?


1. Column piece:

It is welded by upright columns, horizontal braces, and diagonal braces and cannot be disassembled. Its two support parts mainly play the role of dispersing the force of the entire shelf, thereby ensuring the stability of the storage shelf.


2. Shelf laminate:

A place to store goods. There are different materials such as steel and wood. Steel shelf laminates have some steel bars welded to the back to protect the storage shelf from deformation. Additionally, there are many options for wood laminates.


3. Cross beam:

This part exists to save operating costs and does not require welding fixation. Its two sides are designed into claw shapes, so as to achieve the purpose of tight integration with the column holes, and it is very convenient to disassemble. In addition, multiple storage shelves can be connected to adjust the height of each floor to play a major load-bearing role.


4. Foot protection:

This is partly to protect the storage shelf. Install the rack after it is installed. It can not only maintain the shelves but also protect the personal safety of warehouse personnel and reduce the probability of problems caused by various reasons. It is mainly welded to the bottom of the storage shelf, just like the soles of human shoes, and can play a perfect protective role.


Medium duty shelves are mainly composed of the above four parts. The functions and characteristics of each part are different, but they cooperate to ensure better use of the storage shelf.

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  • Post time: Jan-04-2024