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  • Over 18 years of experience

    We are a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of industrial and commercial storage racking systems and materials handling equipments since 2001.

  • 10 years of warranty

    Every part you buy at Spieth Racking is provided with 10-year warranty.

  • Free Design/ Racking safety certificate

    Free design for your warehouse solutions. We guarantee the best customer service with CE, ISO, AS-4084 approved.

Our Blog

  • The advantages of mezzanine floor compared to ordinary storage shelves

    Warehouse racks have different requirements and load-bearing requirements for goods, and there are many different types of R&D and production of racks. The mezzanine racking system is used more often today in a central attic built on the original warehouse shelves. The purpose is to increase ...

  • Happy New Year

    Dear Distinguished Customers, Hope you are doing great! The traditional Chinese New Year is coming around the corner. It is glad to inform you that Spieth sales department will close from 29th, Jan to 6th, Feb for our Chinese New Year Holidays, and we will come back to office on 7th, Feb. And ou...

  • How to effectively reduce the cost of enterprise rack warehouse design and design a reasonable scheme?

    With the rapid development of the market economy in recent years, how to optimize the internal structure of the enterprise warehouse, reduce the construction cost of the warehouse, and improve the efficiency of the warehouse operation has become the top priority of each enterprise. Storage racks ...

  • What is the importance of storage shelves for the development of the entire market?

    With the rapid development of the current market economy industry, storage shelves have become a piece of very important hardware equipment in various enterprise warehouses. The storage capacity of large enterprise warehouses is very large. If there is no excellent management equipment, the manag...

  • What are the characteristics of storage rack shelves used in the medical industry?

    We all know that with the rapid popularization of storage rack shelves, various industries in the market have begun to use storage rack shelves. Similarly, in order to meet the needs of various warehouses, storage rack shelves have also developed various types of rack shelves. So what characteris...