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  • Over 18 years of experience

    We are a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of industrial and commercial storage racking systems and materials handling equipments since 2001.

  • 10 years of warranty

    Every part you buy at Spieth Racking is provided with 10-year warranty.

  • Free Design/ Racking safety certificate

    Free design for your warehouse solutions. We guarantee the best customer service with CE, ISO, AS-4084 approved.

Our Blog

  • What are some ways to reduce warehousing costs?

    Nowadays, high warehousing costs are a problem faced by many companies. If the money is not spent wisely, the problem will become more and more obvious in the long run. So everyone is looking for ways to reduce costs. So what are the ways to reduce warehousing costs? Improve warehouse utilizatio...

  • What types of unit pallet storage racks are there?

    Unit pallet storage racks refer to storage racks that use pallet shelves. Because forklifts or automated equipment are required to store and retrieve goods, pallets are used to facilitate storage and retrieval. What types of unit pallet storage racks are there? Beam racks, pallet racks, drive-in...

  • Do fabric racks need to be customized?

    Fabric racks refer to warehouse racks for storing fabrics, because there are many types of storage racks, and not all types are suitable for fabric storage. Some customers also want to purchase spot products so that they can be put into use as soon as possible. Do the fabric racks need to be cust...

  • Can cloth storage racks be automated?

    Cloth storage racks refer to warehouse racks for storing cloth, which are generally of the type of manual storage and retrieval or forklift storage and retrieval. But now many enterprises have higher requirements for efficiency, so they want to realize automated storage. Can cloth storage racks b...

  • Boltless rivet shelving——get rid of clutter, elegant storage, and enjoy the delicate life

    The warmest place for everyone is at home, which is also the spot where the heart has worked hardest to establish. However, when you enter the door and discover a messy house, how can you eliminate the fatigue of a day away? In fact, whether it is the kitchen、the bedroom, or the living room, the...