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  • Over 18 years of experience

    We are a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of industrial and commercial storage racking systems and materials handling equipments since 2001.

  • 10 years of warranty

    Every part you buy at Spieth Racking is provided with 10-year warranty.

  • Free Design/ Racking safety certificate

    Free design for your warehouse solutions. We guarantee the best customer service with CE, ISO, AS-4084 approved.

Our Blog

  • The Pallet Racking Manufacturer Tells: What Is The Main Shelf and The Add-on Shelf

    When you want to buy warehouse shelves that suit your needs, you first need to understand its structural characteristics. Each product in each industry has its own unique name and characteristics. If you are not familiar with the industry and the product, it will be difficult for you to understan...

  • What are the structure and main functions of storage shelves

    Storage racks refer to various beam type racks, cantilever type racks, loft type racks and other racking products used for storage, which are used by more and more industries and enterprises and serve all walks of life. Shelves are one of the main facilities of storage. It can be said that storag...

  • What are the advantages of stainless steel storage shelves

    Stainless steel storage shelves are the most common shelves in our daily life. The shelves for storing goods in the supermarket, the shelves for storing books in the library, and the shelves for storing goods in the warehouse are almost all made of stainless steel. Why do so many people choose th...

  • The core role of storage shelves in logistics management

    With the development and expansion of the scale of enterprises, the number of logistics shelves has increased significantly. With the increasing shortage of land resources, the rising pressure of warehouse rents and the rising impact of labor costs, more and more companies have higher and higher ...

  • What is the best laminate for the shelf

    Metal shelves, wooden shelves, and steel-wood shelves are now more commonly used. This depends on the choice of materials, production process and difficulty. Metal shelf: It is the most conventional shelf. It is characterized by sturdiness and durability, low price, wide use, arbitrary adjustment...