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  • Over 18 years of experience

    We are a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of industrial and commercial storage racking systems and materials handling equipments since 2001.

  • 10 years of warranty

    Every part you buy at Spieth Racking is provided with 10-year warranty.

  • Free Design/ Racking safety certificate

    Free design for your warehouse solutions. We guarantee the best customer service with CE, ISO, AS-4084 approved.

Our Blog

  • How to maintain warehouse racks on a daily basis?

    Storage racks are different from industries such as clothing and accessories. Consumers only care about their appearance and feel. When choosing a storage rack, they value its ability to store goods, durability, and whether it can improve the work efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, we need ...

  • Should the warehouse choose heavy duty racks or radio shuttle racks?

    The selection of heavy duty racks and radio shuttle racks in the warehouse has a high usage rate in the market, indicating that the value they create for enterprises is still considerable. Otherwise, various production enterprises will stop producing such shelves. There is actually no exact answe...

  • Precautions for installation of heavy duty storage racks

    Heavy duty storage racks are currently the most widely used type of storage racks among all types, with the best load-bearing capacity, usually reaching a height of about 30 meters, and advanced and efficient operation methods. However, installation is also an important part of customizing and pr...

  • The composition and structure of medium duty shelves

    Medium duty shelves belong to a type of storage shelf, and the longspan shelf is a common type of shelf in large enterprise warehouses. Medium duty shelves are mainly suitable for storing goods with relatively light weight. In order to better utilize medium duty shelves and improve enterprise uti...

  • The composition and structure of drive in rack system

    Drive in rack systems, also known as drive through rack systems. The through rack can be used for a forklift (or unmanned Cart with a fork) to drive into the channel to access goods. It is suitable for the storage of goods with few varieties and large quantities. The drive in rack systems are wid...