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  • Over 18 years of experience

    We are a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of industrial and commercial storage racking systems and materials handling equipments since 2001.

  • 10 years of warranty

    Every part you buy at Spieth Racking is provided with 10-year warranty.

  • Free Design/ Racking safety certificate

    Free design for your warehouse solutions. We guarantee the best customer service with CE, ISO, AS-4084 approved.

Our Blog

  • Materials of storage racks and their advantages and disadvantages

    As the most basic equipment in the logistics industry, storage racks are the basic storage organizational structure of the warehouse and play a vital role in modern logistics. According to the use place and the characteristics of the goods, racks are mainly divided into four types: steel racks, w...

  • How to choose suitable industrial storage racks?

    Industrial storage racks are an indispensable and important part of modern logistics production, because industrial storage racks can better optimize warehouse space, facilitate finding goods, and improve work efficiency. But how to choose the right industrial storage racks? This is obviously a c...

  • What are the key points for maintenance of warehouse storage racks?

    Maintaining warehouse storage racks is an important guarantee for ensuring the normal operation of the warehouse, safe storage of goods, and saving maintenance costs. In order for the warehouse storage racks to last long during use, correct maintenance measures must be taken. The following detail...

  • Spieth longspan shelving order from Yemen

    Yemen is a strange market for us, we seldom export our racks to Yemen, I think maybe because of its special location and economic status, but I have a good client there, he talks to me every day, and placed an order for medium duty longspan shelves to us at end of year 2023, his interests for the...

  • Warehouse drive-through pallet rack to the Netherlands

    Spieth drive through rack offers the highest possible densities of pallet storage,it is ideal for fast moving products,which moves on a “pallet-in-pallet-out basis”, the system has a series of tunnels with rails on either side to hold the pallets. Lift trucks can drive into any given tunnel to re...