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  • Over 18 års erfaring

    Vi er en producent og leverandør af en bred vifte af industrielle og kommercielle opbevaring reolsystemer og materialehåndtering udstyr siden 2001.

  • 10 års garanti

    Hver del du køber på Spieth reoler er forsynet med 10 års garanti.

  • Gratis Design / Racking sikkerhedscertifikat

    Gratis design til din lagerløsninger. Vi garanterer den bedste kundeservice med CE, ISO, AS-4084 godkendt.

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  • Spieth high-quality steel low rack & small cute shelf & metal workbenches

    These small cute metal racks are popularly called the metal workbenches which are widely used at factory production lines or car garages for metal hardware parts storage. We have the heavy-duty pallet post type, medium-duty post type, and light-duty post type, see below their details: Workbench ...

  • Warehouse multi-tier heavy-duty pallet racking system supplied by Spieth

    Our multi-tier heavy-duty pallet racking system is 100% compatible with major brands such as Dexion, and Redirack, the adjustable pitch for vertical uprights is 50mm or 75mm, we can also produce the Teardrop Pallet Rack with a 2-inch pitch American Standard, and all bolt...

  • How to inquire about storage shelves?

    People usually send their racking inquiries without full details, below are some examples: Example 1: I AM LOOKING AT THE 2.0MMTHK X 70MM X 90MM X 76.2MM PITCH UPRIGHT G.I (There is no upright height and quantity.) Example 2: We need and price for shelves with the plot. H*2000/800 and L*1500/600...

  • Stainless Steel Water Corrugated Board Interior Decorative Materials from China

    Stainless steel has become one of the main styles of contemporary ceiling design in hotel restaurants, guild halls, and KTVs. When it comes to luxury hotel decoration design, stainless steel ceilings will disguise themselves, get rid of the past stainless steel qualities, and replace Fashion tren...

  • why pallet rack protection is important for racking systems

    Pallet rack protection is an important consideration for any business operating a rack storage solution. But what is pallet rack protection, why is it so important? Simply put, warehouse racking system protection includes products used to prevent damage to commercial racking systems. Any storage ...