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  • Peste 18 ani de experiență

    Suntem un producător și furnizor de o gamă largă de sisteme și materiale de manipulare echipamente de stocare din anul 2001 de rafturi industriale și comerciale.

  • 10 ani de garanție

    Fiecare parte cumpăra de la Spieth Racking este prevăzut cu 10 ani garanție.

  • Gratuit de proiectare / certificat de siguranță rafturilor

    Design-ul gratuit pentru soluțiile de depozitare. Va garantam cele mai bune servicii pentru clienți cu CE, ISO, AS-4084 aprobat.

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    People usually send their racking inquiries without full details, below are some examples: Example 1: I AM LOOKING AT THE 2.0MMTHK X 70MM X 90MM X 76.2MM PITCH UPRIGHT G.I (There is no upright height and quantity.) Example 2: We need and price for shelves with the plot. H*2000/800 and L*1500/600...

  • Stainless Steel Water Corrugated Board Interior Decorative Materials from China

    Stainless steel has become one of the main styles of contemporary ceiling design in hotel restaurants, guild halls, and KTVs. When it comes to luxury hotel decoration design, stainless steel ceilings will disguise themselves, get rid of the past stainless steel qualities, and replace Fashion tren...

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    Pallet rack protection is an important consideration for any business operating a rack storage solution. But what is pallet rack protection, why is it so important? Simply put, warehouse racking system protection includes products used to prevent damage to commercial racking systems. Any storage ...

  • what is double deep pallet racks features and advantages in warehouse storage

    Double deep pallet rack also called deep reach pallet rack,is a type of racks that use Reach Fork Truck and double row arrangement. It is widely used in papermaking, plastic products, tobacco, food, packaging materials and other industrial warehouse storage. The main features of double deep pall...

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