Materials of storage racks and their advantages and disadvantages

As the most basic equipment in the logistics industry, storage racks are the basic storage organizational structure of the warehouse and play a vital role in modern logistics. According to the use place and the characteristics of the goods, racks are mainly divided into four types: steel racks, wooden racks, plastic racks, and mobile racks. This article will introduce the materials of storage racks and their advantages and disadvantages in detail from these four aspects.


Steel racks

Steel racks are composed of U-shaped steel, angle steel, and other profile racks and other accessories. They are currently a commonly used rack type in warehouses. They have the characteristics of strong load-bearing capacity, high strength, corrosion resistance, long life, flexible combination, easy disassembly and assembly, and low cost.

Advantages of steel racks:

1. Strong load-bearing capacity: Steel racks have a large load capacity and are suitable for storing heavier and high-density goods.

2. Strong structure: Steel racks have good structural stability and can withstand relatively large external forces.

3. High flexibility: Steel racks can be designed according to different storage volumes and storage types, and can be changed according to changes in goods during the storage process to meet the storage needs of different customers.

Disadvantages of steel racks:

1. Troublesome installation: Steel racks have relatively high assembly requirements and the installation process is cumbersome.

2. Higher cost: Because steel racks have high load-bearing capacity and structural stability, the cost is relatively high.


Wooden racks

Wooden racks are composed of wooden boards, wooden frames, and other materials. Wooden racks have good applicability for storing light items and are widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, and other places.

Advantages of wooden racks:

1. Safe and reliable: The surface treatment of wooden racks can improve the antibacterial properties of the surface and reduce the economic pressure of storage cleaning.

2. Environmentally friendly and healthy: Wooden racks use natural materials and will not cause harmful effects on the human body.

Disadvantages of wooden racks:

1. Limited load-bearing capacity: Wooden racks have a low load-bearing capacity and are unsuitable for storing large-sized and heavy items.

2. Short service life: Wooden racks are prone to rot, deformation, and other problems during long-term storage, and their service life is limited.


Plastic racks

Plastic racks are made of polyethylene, ABS, PVC, and other synthetic materials and have excellent properties such as water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and anti-corrosion.

Advantages of plastic racks:

1. Lightweight: Plastic racks are made of lightweight materials, which are lightweight and easy to install.

2. No drilling required: It adopts a plug-in structure design, no drilling is required, and assembly and disassembly are easy.

3. Beautiful appearance: Plastic racks come in various colors and can be designed according to the location, making them beautiful and elegant.

Disadvantages of plastic racks:

1. Limited load-bearing capacity: Plastic racks have limited load-carrying capacity and are not suitable for storing large-sized and heavy items.

2. Limited lifespan: Plastic racks have a short lifespan, are prone to aging, deformation, and other problems, and have a limited service life.


Mobile racks

Mobile racks are mainly used in distribution centers such as warehouses and production lines in the logistics field and are used in conjunction with stackers and automation.

Advantages of mobile racks:

1. High recycling rate: The system in which they are set up can greatly improve space utilization and efficiency.

2. Prevent erroneous operations: Intelligent automatic management of mobile rack equipment reduces errors in operations.

3. High security: By assigning user permissions to limit the operation of items, it improves security and the economy.

Disadvantages of mobile racks:

1. Requires power support: The mobile rack equipment is driven by electricity, so it needs to be connected to a certain amount of power support.

2. High cost: The design and manufacturing cost of the mobile rack system is high, and the investment is large.


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  • Post time: Jun-21-2024