Purchase selective pallet racking in complete units from Spieth Storage

Purchase an exceptional line of selective pallet racking in complete units, just as it would be utilized. This pallet racking provides for exceptional pallet rack installation with its tubular construction and its teardrop connector design. Pallet rack can be utilized for many diverse objectives and in creative ways. Its primary purpose is to better utilize cubic space, provide selective storage space for easy put away and retrieval, assist in preventing product damage, as well as product security.

Features and advantages of our complete units:

1.Tubular – Closed or open-back available
2.Standard Starter Units have 2 Uprights and 4 or 6 Beams; 120″ add-on units have 1 Upright and 4 Beams; 144″ and 192″ Upright add-on units have 6 Beams (3 Levels). Additional standard and custom sizes available.
3.Additional features of closed-back style include high strength and torsion resistance, high capacity, and greater impact resistance and safety
4.Teardrop connector design
5.We have a wide range of accessories for storing or staging of non-pallet items.
If you do not see specifically what you are looking for, please Contact Us.

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  • Post time: May-13-2022