Warehouse heavy duty pallet rack

With the rapid development of the logistics and warehousing industry, warehouse racks, as important equipment in the warehousing industry, are favored by more and more companies. For a customer who is about to build a large warehouse, it is necessary to consider the structure, materials, and load capacity, of the racks and consider choosing appropriate storage racks.


1. Different warehouse rack structure types are suitable for different scenarios and needs.

2. The choice of rack material is also an important point.

3. The load- capacity of the warehouse racks is one of the key factors in choosing a warehouse rack. Determines the scope of use of the rack and the types of items stored. The selection should be based on factors such as the weight and size of the items being stored. The greater the load-bearing capacity, the wider the range of use, but the price is correspondingly higher.


Recently we received a project to build a large warehouse for canned cucumbers from foreign customers. The customer’s warehouse construction area is large, and the pallet racks are required to be placed in three areas, with five floors in each area. The customer attaches great importance to safety because the cans are heavy and the load requirements are large.

Spieth engineers selected warehouse rack accessories suitable for their warehouse based on the customer’s requirements and drawings. However, the customer’s engineer may not be particularly familiar with racks and thinks that the larger the selection, the higher the safety factor. Little does he know that some of his ideas will cause the upright to If it is not stable, problems will be more likely to occur.

Therefore, through communication between us and the customer, we used our professional knowledge to answer the customer’s doubts and successfully completed the quotation for this large project. The salesperson can also learn more from it. Learn more about warehouse racks.


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  • Post time: Sep-28-2023