Characteristics of drive through racks

Some customers are not specialized in purchasing and do not know much about the details of customized storage racks. I didn’t know that there are many types of storage racks, each of which almost has its own structural characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

In fact, looking at the name of this rack, you will understand its structural characteristics to some extent, that is, it is vertically connected. The deeper the penetration, the more goods it can store. This is a typical intensive storage rack with a very large storage capacity. This is an important advantage.


From the perspective of industry use, drive through racks are more commonly used for such goods. That is, the types of goods are clear and relatively small, and the quantity of each type of goods is concentrated and large. In this way, a single batch can deposit and withdraw a large number of goods at one time. This is very consistent with the storage habits of drive through rack storage.

For example, in the food industry, dairy industry, and many chemical industries, drive through racks will be customized and purchased by enterprises. In addition, cold storage is also a place where most of the drive through racks are used. In cold storage, land is at a premium, so it is imperative to improve the space utilization of the warehouse, and drive through racks are completely feasible.

Of course, any product also has its own shortcomings. Due to its structural characteristics, in order to complete the picking operation, it is necessary to enter the interior of the rack. The forklift drives into the tunnel to operate, which has some impact on the safety and stability of the warehouse rack. Moreover, the drive through racks are limited by themselves and their stability is not as good as others, so they need to be equipped with stable and safety equipment.

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  • Post time: Mar-29-2024