The service life of storage shelf racks

Generally speaking, when we buy large products, we are concerned about how long they will last. So the same is true for customized storage shelf racks. When many customers inquire about storage shelf racks, they are concerned about how long the customized storage racks will last. What if the shelf racks collapse after being installed and not used for a long time? So let’s learn about the service life of storage racks today.

As we all know, storage shelf racks are custom-made racks, and most of them are heavy-duty racks, so the materials and surface treatment of the shelf racks are very strict. Usually, the service life of heavy-duty racks that meet the standard of quality is more than 10 years, and if they are well maintained, they can have a service life of more than 20 years.

But it’s hard to say for inferior storage shelf racks, but what is certain is that the service life of such shelf racks will not be too long, and they are likely to begin to be damaged and deformed soon after they are put into use. Usually, the service life of this kind of heavy-duty storage shelf racks can reach 3 years, which is considered a long time.


The storage racks produced by professional shelf rack manufacturers go through a series of production processes such as pickling and phosphating, and surface spraying is also very important. To distinguish the quality of heavy-duty racks, their surface finish, curvature and number of hanging pieces are all very important reference parts.

Therefore, if we want to buy storage shelf racks with a longer service life, we cannot just look at their prices. It cannot be said that a product with a low price is necessarily an inferior product, and a product with a high price is a good product, but “you get what you pay for” certainly makes sense.

In addition to the quality of the shelf racks, the use and maintenance of the racks also affect the service life of the racks to a certain extent. The actual working life of most racks generally depends on wear, damage or corrosion during use, which cannot be predicted at the design stage. Estimated. The service life of the shelf racks can be extended by cleaning the dirt on the surface of the racks promptly, installing anti-collision guardrails, staffing experienced forklift workers, protecting them from moisture, sun and rain, following the rules for placing goods and not overloading, and standardizing the management system for the use of shelf racks.

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  • Post time: Oct-19-2023