Why pallet shuttle racks become widely used?

In recent years, the shuttle rack system has begun to be widely used in the warehouses of many foreign customers, and there have been many more inquiries about shuttle trucks from abroad. Before we start the analysis, we can first understand the composition of the entire shuttle system.

As semi-automatic and multi-functional storage equipment, the pallet shuttle racking system is an intensive storage equipment composed of shuttles, racks, and forklifts. The shuttle can carry palletized goods and run through a radio remote control on the guide rail. It has the characteristics of high storage density, convenient storage, high access efficiency, low maintenance cost, and high safety.

In my opinion, the reason why the shuttle rack system became popular is nothing more than the following points:

pallet shuttle rack

1. It can Improve warehouse efficiency.

Using pallet shuttle racks, large-capacity storage area passages become flexible and can store different goods to achieve first-in, first-out cargo management. Because shuttles store and retrieve goods, work efficiency has improved greatly compared to previous forklift handling.


2. Increase storage capacity

Pallet shuttle racks are similar to drive-in racks. They eliminate the shelf channel, so the storage capacity is higher than traditional beam racks in the same warehouse area. This is a good choice for companies wanting to increase warehouse storage capacity.


3. Reduce warehouse labor costs

Pallet shuttle racks do not require forklifts to enter the rack’s interior to access goods like drive-in racks. Shuttle vehicles are used to replace work. One worker can control several shuttle vehicles, thus greatly reducing warehouse labor.


4. Improving safety and productivity

High safety factor reduces the collision between shelves and forklifts and improves safety and productivity.


5. Access methods

Shuttle racks have more access methods than ordinary racks, and shuttle racks can have two access methods: first-in-first-out and first-in-last-out, so they have more advantages than ordinary pallet racks.

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  • Post time: May-31-2024