Automatic Radio Shuttle Racking for High Density Warehouse Storage

Our Shuttle Racking System is a high-density system for warehouse storage, not need the forklift to enter the storage area, simply load or unload the pallets locally at either end of the racking system.

  • FOB Price: OEM
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Pieces per Month
  • Deliver Time: 20-25 Days
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    This radio shuttle system as logistic equipment and a high-density storage system can make your warehouse storage ability the best.
    Our shuttle rack has passed AS4084-2012, CE, ISO, and RMI certificates, and all the rack products are customized according to customers’ needs in our factory.

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    The ability to produce this type of automatic shuttle racks in our factory can up to one million kilograms per month, with a large number of common types in our store, So you don’t need to care whether the delivery is on time.
    In our factory production line, our skillful workers package the ends of columns and beams with thick cardboard and bundle them with steel straps outside, otherwise supporting customized packing, making sure the package is durable and compact.
    As an experienced racking system manufacturer, Spieth Storage no only support pallet racking or shelving system,even contain radio shuttle cart,and all the design drowing and installition of our warehouse storage equipment are free.Feel free to contact us..


    Our automatic shuttle cart contains standard type, Low-temperature type, and advanced type for you to choose from. All the types are different in components and functions, such as moving speed, built-in motor, and control system, according to your need.

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