steel panel adjustable long span shelving racks for sale

The butterfly hole upright light duty and medium duty long span shelving racks are suitable for warehouse light weight goods storage, easily assemble and adjustable, steel panel and chip board selectable as you need.

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  • Supply Ability: 10000 Pieces per Month
  • Deliver Time: 20-25 Days
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    Our steel panel long span shelving racks good for manual picking medium size and weight goods.

    light or medium duty shelving racks (1)

    support beams height are adjustable,so you can storage different height goods as you need.

    light or medium duty shelving racks (33)

    All the uprights and beams are optional in thickness,so you can storage goods weight from less than 100KG To maximum 900KG in the case of light duty or medium duty shelving racks. If you want to storage goods more than 900KG per level,you may choose our heavy duty long span shelving,which dimension and the thickness are greater than the medium duty.

    light or medium duty shelving racks

    Our long span shelving racks are all made from high quality steel material,such as Q235 steel,and all the components of the shelves are anti-corrosion and rust-proof after powder-coating treatment.

    medium duty shelving racks
    light duty shelving racks

    Spieth Storage as a shelf racks manufacturer who has more than 20 years experience,all the rack products we provide have great advantages in terms of quality and price. If you have racking system requirements, please contact us.

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